Using KoboToolbox to bridge the gap between data science and disaster relief in Colombia

Ana María González Forero, director of Cartagena’s international cooperation office, streamlined data collection and disaster relief efforts for 5,000 households in Cartagena by replacing paper data collection forms with KoboToolbox in the aftermath of Hurricane Iota in late 2020.

How KoboToolbox supports equity, social justice, and rural development in the Philippines

The Department of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines uses KoboToolbox to gather crucial geo-tagged data for the Support to Parcelization of Lands for Individual Titling project, starting in the Ilocos Region.

How the Caribbean Development Bank is using KoboToolbox to enhance community resilience in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Development Bank, an institution dedicated to reducing inequality in its member countries, has provided critical training to over 200 aid workers on using the KoboCollect app to gather data for emergency response and disaster risk management, which is used to empower communities to become partners in building their own resilience.

KoboToolbox selected as Gold Winner for Best Humanitarian Product in the inaugural Anthem Awards

The inaugural 2022 Anthem Awards, a program that celebrates purpose and mission-driven work worldwide, has awarded this honor to KoboToolbox’s data collection platform for revolutionizing the way data is collected across the world.

Building Better Longitudinal Surveys with Dynamic Data Attachments

Learn how you can setup robust longitudinal surveys, retaining all of your initial data from the original survey while having the necessary data automatically gathered into future surveys.