A technology non-profit with a global vision

Maintain KoboToolbox

We maintain the most widely used data collection tool for challenging settings and provide it for free to social impact organizations.

Provide ground truth data

We help generate high quality data to inform organizations working globally in humanitarian response, development, human rights, environment and more.

Drive innovation

We develop data tools designed for and by practitioners, including next generation qualitative and quantitative methods.
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Global reach, local impact

  • 20 million +
  • 241
  • 14,000+
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Get started

Chat with thousands of other KoboToolbox users on our forum or check out our extensive user documentation.

Services & Partnerships

In addition to our software with all its features, we also provide the following services

Feature development

Work with our design and technical specialists to develop the tools your organization needs.

Organization server set up

Have Kobo set up and maintain a secure standalone custom-branded KoboToolbox server for your organization.

Training & consultations

Access multilingual custom training sessions, beginners to advanced, or learn more about our research consulting.

User support & subscriptions

Find out about customized support plans for your organization or for mission-critical projects.
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