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Supporting future growth and accessibility: Introducing KoboToolbox’s new plan model


Since the official launch of KoboToolbox in 2014, our platform and user base have grown exponentially. KoboToolbox is now the tool of choice for over 14,000 organizations creating data-driven social impact and has evolved into one of the world’s most popular data collection platforms. Our data collection tools have been widely adopted by humanitarian and development organizations operating in the most challenging settings in the world.

At Kobo, the nonprofit organization behind KoboToolbox, we remain committed to supporting open source data systems and technology for humanitarian action, development, environmental protection, peacebuilding, and human rights. To ensure our ability to continue supporting the important work of all our users, we have introduced a new plan model to enhance the platform’s long-term sustainability and accessibility. These changes will help us achieve our mission to make high quality data collection tools available to social impact organizations around the world.

Our commitment to supporting nonprofits

In keeping with our commitment to support the work of social impact organizations, KoboToolbox continues to be free for over 95% of our users under the nonprofit Community Plan. To respond to the evolving needs of our users, paid plan upgrades are also available for high volume data collection and more advanced features. To further support accessibility, these upgrades are offered at reduced costs for nonprofits. As part of our mission, we continuously strive to develop innovative new tools that improve data collection for everyone. To learn more about the new plan options, see our Pricing page.

Our Community Plan: A free plan for nonprofit users

For all our nonprofit users, Kobo continues to provide KoboToolbox for free under the Community Plan. This popular plan option includes access to all core functionalities and is designed to cover the vast majority of our users’ data collection needs.

The Community Plan includes:

  • 5,000 survey submissions per month
  • 1 GB of file storage
  • Unlimited projects and forms
  • Unlimited data collectors and collaborators
  • 10 minutes of automatic speech-to-text transcription per month
  • 6,000 characters of machine translation per month
  • Full access to our extensive support documentation and Community Forum
  • Online and offline data collection, plus many other features.

For most nonprofit users, the free plan provides all the data collection, file storage, and features needed for a successful project. Users on the Community Plan can also access our new plan add-ons to increase their file storage up to 20 GB, and additional packages for more automated transcription and translation will be available soon. Learn more about the nonprofit Community Plan.

Our Professional Plan: More storage and submissions

KoboToolbox’s Professional Plan comes with a variety of features for users who have more advanced data collection needs. Upgrading to the Professional Plan gives you access to more survey submissions, media file storage, and more.

The Professional Plan includes all the features in the Community Plan, plus:

  • Increased submissions: Collect 25,000 submissions per month or 300,000 per year for greater coverage with survey projects.
  • Increased file storage: Enjoy unlimited file storage capacities for collecting and storing large volumes of data.
  • Advanced security: Benefit from advanced security with two-factor authentication.
  • Advanced support: Consult with our dedicated support team for technical questions and troubleshooting.
  • Advanced features: Enjoy higher quotas with 120 minutes of automatic transcription and 72,000 characters of machine translation per month.

If you need additional data storage or survey submissions, you can easily upgrade your plan at any time directly from the Plans page in your account. Plans are available on a monthly or an annual basis, with discounted rates offered for annual plan subscriptions.

Teams and Enterprise Plans: Advanced solutions for organizations

In addition to the free nonprofit Community Plan and the Professional Plan, we also offer Teams and Enterprise Plans. These upgraded plans are specifically designed for teams and organizations who collect high volumes of data and need advanced solutions to streamline operations.

The Teams Plan includes all the features of the Professional Plan, plus:

  • Shared limits with team members: Add any number of team members to your plan to share submission, storage, and other usage limits.
  • Increased submissions: Collect 50,000 submissions per month or 600,000 per year for high volume data collection.
  • Advanced features: Access higher quotas with 300 minutes of automatic transcription and 180,000 characters of machine translation per month.
  • Coming soon: Benefit from advanced features for team-based user management and administrator-level project controls.

Enterprise Plans are our most comprehensive solution, developed specifically to meet the needs of large organizations that use KoboToolbox at a very high volume. Enterprise Plans also offer exclusive onboarding and dedicated support services.

Enterprise Plans include all the features of the Teams Plan, plus:

  • Custom training and onboarding: Benefit from exclusive training sessions with our staff experts, customized specifically for your team.
  • Ongoing consultations: Consult directly with our dedicated customer success specialists and streamline operations with regular check-ins.
  • In-depth technical support: Access direct troubleshooting support and assistance for project optimizations and integrations.
  • Advanced security: Enjoy enhanced security with single sign-on (SSO) for your entire organization.
  • Increased submissions: Collect 1,500,000 submissions per year.
  • Advanced features: Enjoy 700 minutes of automatic transcription and 420,000 characters of machine translation per month.
  • Enterprise private server: Benefit from private system infrastructure, unlimited usage, automatic scaling, advanced user management, and customizable user interface features. Learn more about our private servers.

To discuss updates to multiple accounts or an Enterprise Plan for your organization, get in touch with our team.

Building for the future: Sustainability and continued innovation

While KoboToolbox has always offered advanced support and custom solutions for high volume users, our new plan model is specifically designed to ensure the continued accessibility of KoboToolbox for nonprofit users and our ability to provide more services for all our users. We remain committed to our mission to provide high quality open source data tools to projects around the world and to advance data-driven change.

The new plan model directly supports our continued innovation, developing new features and improving the KoboToolbox platform. By continuing to offer a free plan for nonprofit organizations as well as the option to upgrade, we aim to better meet the diverse and evolving needs of all users. Together, we can ensure that nonprofit organizations have access to the tools they need to create data-driven change and make an impact on the ground.

Questions? Visit our Community Forum, where our team can help answer any potential questions, or get in touch directly with our dedicated team. We’d love to hear from you!

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