Building resilience in coastal communities: How Blue Ventures is using KoboToolbox to drive marine conservation and improve digital equality

Small-scale fishing is one of the world’s most important sources of food, but it remains one of the least digitized sectors, making it challenging to effectively manage fisheries and protect the biodiversity of marine life. Blue Ventures, a marine conservation organization, is using KoboToolbox to support remote and rural coastal communities to monitor fisheries themselves with access to real-time data and insights. Blue Ventures’ work in Madagascar, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and Comoros shows how KoboToolbox can be used to drive community-led action for change and protect the coastal environment for future generations.

How WeWorld-GVC is using KoboToolbox to enhance fleet management and humanitarian logistics in Burundi

WeWorld-GVC, an organization dedicated to supporting development cooperation and humanitarian aid, used KoboToolbox to successfully digitize their fleet management data collection in Burundi. With their improved fleet management system, they have greater access to the data and insights needed for more efficient logistics and more effective crisis response.

Improving labor conditions and social dialogue in the Latin American sugar cane industry with KoboToolbox

Born out of the growing need to monitor and evaluate compliance with workers’ rights, CNV Internationaal’s Labor Rights Observatory initiative provided a platform for the voices of sugar workers to be heard, with the insights gathered leading to the publication of the first annual report for the Latin American sugar cane sector.

How the Environmental Justice Foundation is using KoboToolbox to document illegal fishing and human rights abuses on distant water fishing vessels

The Environmental Justice Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting a sustainable global environment, has been using KoboToolbox to document the nature and scale of illegal fishing and human rights abuses on board the world's largest distant water fishing fleets—including those of China, Korea, and Taiwan.

Improving the resilience of smallholder farms in Mozambique using KoboToolbox’s geographic data features

The Climate Smart Agriculture and Water (CSAW Sofala) project in Mozambique aims to improve the livelihoods of 7,800 smallholder farm families in the Sofala province and build resilience to future stressor events. Using KoboToolbox to collect precise geolocation data, the CSAW team is able to make more accurate data-driven decisions and monitor the progress and impact of the project.