Building local community capacity: How the Caribbean Development Bank is using KoboToolbox to advance poverty reduction efforts

The Caribbean Development Bank, an organization committed to building resilience and advancing poverty reduction efforts in its member countries, used KoboToolbox to conduct community capacity assessments in Jamaica, Guyana, and Saint Lucia. The KoboToolbox team provided direct support to ensure successful rollout of the project, streamline data collection, and develop a custom dashboard for data visualizations. The data collected helps direct BNTF's grant financing towards sustainable and inclusive development for the most vulnerable communities, empowering them to advocate for themselves.

Enhancing humanitarian aid efforts: Introducing the new KoboToolbox integration app

Kobo and’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) are partnering to offer a new integration for humanitarian aid organizations. The new integration enables organizations using KoboToolbox and to automatically synchronize submissions received to a KoboToolbox project with a board, making it easier to leverage the strengths of both platforms for data collection, analysis, visualization, and project management.

Using KoboToolbox to address crucial data gaps in the education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Ministry of Education used KoboToolbox to generate a data-driven solution and gain a better understanding of the needs of schools and students, creating the first database of all the country’s primary and secondary schools.

KoboToolbox 2022 year in review and exciting new features

Looking back at the past year, we’ll review some of KoboToolbox’s major milestones, showcase some of the incredible work being done by our users, and preview a few of the exciting new projects we’re working on.

Building resilience in coastal communities: How Blue Ventures is using KoboToolbox to drive marine conservation and improve digital equality

Small-scale fishing is one of the world’s most important sources of food, but it remains one of the least digitized sectors, making it challenging to effectively manage fisheries and protect the biodiversity of marine life. Blue Ventures, a marine conservation organization, is using KoboToolbox to support remote and rural coastal communities to monitor fisheries themselves with access to real-time data and insights. Blue Ventures’ work in Madagascar, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and Comoros shows how KoboToolbox can be used to drive community-led action for change and protect the coastal environment for future generations.