Data-driven climate disaster response: How the Kenya Red Cross Society is using KoboToolbox in the flooding crisis

The Kenya Red Cross Society is using KoboToolbox to respond to the needs of communities affected by the extreme rainfalls and flash floods caused by the long rains season. With access to real-time data and insights, KRCS can more effectively distribute essential supplies, coordinate search and rescue missions, and deliver targeted interventions.

Supporting future growth and accessibility: Introducing KoboToolbox’s new plan model

In response to KoboToolbox’s ongoing growth, we have introduced a new plan model to enhance the platform's long-term sustainability and accessibility for all our users, particularly those in nonprofit and social impact organizations.

Improving food security in coastal communities: Using KoboToolbox for local data collection efforts in the Philippines

KASAG, a women-led organization committed to achieving greater food security in their community, is using KoboToolbox to implement a data-driven program to respond to immediate needs and support sustainable food access. With reliable data and accurate insights, they can monitor the progress of their initiatives and assess their impact on the community.

Enhancing safety through risk reduction: Using KoboToolbox data to build community resilience in Barbados

The Bajan Fire Fighters’ Network, an organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities through impactful local projects and humanitarian assistance, is using KoboToolbox to identify community safety risks and strengthen prevention strategies.

KoboToolbox 2023 year in review: Global impact highlights

Looking back at 2023, we’ll review some of KoboToolbox’s highlights and exciting milestones, showcase the remarkable work being done by our users around the world, and spotlight a few new projects we’ve been working on.