Training solutions for your team, from our staff experts. Our experienced trainers can deliver hands-on training to strengthen your organization's data collection skills, from developing forms to managing data. Synchronous online and in-person trainings are available in multiple languages and can be tailored to your team's level of experience and context.

Choose from our training sessions or request a custom training solution to support your team in any area of data collection, including using XLSForm for advanced surveys, configuring KoboCollect for mobile data collection, and adding multiple translations to a form. All training sessions include hands-on activities to apply concepts from the training and solidify learning.

KoboToolbox Essentials
  • Complete orientation to the KoboToolbox platform and user interface
  • Survey creation using KoboToolbox's intuitive Formbuilder
  • Adding translations in multiple languages
  • Form deployment and data collection with KoboToolbox
  • Data management essentials, including reports and downloading data
Data Collection and Data Management In-Depth
  • Configuring Enketo web forms and KoboCollect
  • Advanced project settings, sharing, and permissions
  • Using automated transcription and translation
  • Comprehensive data management
  • Customizing reports, downloading data, and using media
  • Integrating project data with Excel and PowerBI
Advanced Form Development
  • Building forms with XLSForm, including validating and uploading forms to KoboToolbox
  • Creating advanced question types with groups, repeats, and cascading selects
  • Customizing forms and adding media
  • Using advanced form logic, calculations, and validation criteria
  • Troubleshooting XLSForm

Comprehensive training packages including multiple sessions or coverage of specific topics can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Fully custom-made sessions can be developed upon request with customized topics on any aspect of the data collection cycle.

Training sessions can be scheduled to align with your project timeline and delivered remotely or in person. Training sessions are also available in multiple languages. Discounted pricing is available for large teams.

Get in touch to learn more about our training packages.

Have the experts behind KoboToolbox build your team's capacity and train your project enumerators on all aspects of data collection, from an orientation to KoboToolbox to developing complex surveys. Ensure your team is well prepared to collect quality data and generate data-driven insights.

Our experts have provided training to organizations operating in countries around the world, delivering tailored training to teams working in a variety of contexts, including disaster response, humanitarian action, and development initiatives.

Our team can help assess your training needs and answer any questions you might have. Get in touch to discuss training solutions for your team.