Contribute to the future of KoboToolbox and the impact of our users by making a donation of shares and other securities. When you donate shares, you support our mission to host and maintain KoboToolbox for organizations working in humanitarian action, development, environmental protection, peace building, and human rights.

Your donation of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities will qualify for charitable tax credits according to your local regulations. Your donation may also offer other tax advantages when you donate securities that have appreciated in value.

When you donate shares or other securities, please notify Kobo by emailing Securities are often transferred without enough information to identify the donor. By notifying us directly, we can send you a receipt in a timely manner and ensure that the transfer is successful.

To donate securities, instruct your broker to transfer them to:

Broker name: Charles Schwab
Broker address: 211 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Contact: Assets Transfer services at (602) 355 9003
Account number: 9665-7094
Business name on brokerage account: Kobo Inc.
DTC clearing number: 0164, Code 40
Tax ID (EIN): 37-1934868

If you do not have a broker or hold the stock certificates you wish to donate, please contact Kobo at We are happy to assist you with making your donation.

For tax purposes, the donation date is the date that the securities are deposited into Kobo’s account.

Please note: The information provided is to help you understand some of your options for making a charitable gift to Kobo. For information related to taxes and tax deductible gifts, please consult directly with your lawyer, tax professional, or financial advisor.