The KoboToolbox software

KoboToolbox is a free and open source platform for the collection, management, and visualization of data. As the most widely used primary data collection tool in the nonprofit sector, it is the tool of choice for over 14,000 social impact organizations worldwide.

In virtually every country around the world, KoboToolbox is used by organizations involved in humanitarian action, global development, environmental protection, peacebuilding, and human rights, as well as by public health institutes, research organizations, and education facilities. As of November 2022, KoboToolbox has more than 700,000 users globally and collects over 20 million surveys a month.

We continuously strive to improve KoboToolbox based on the feedback of our users. Through development with partner organizations, new features are also added every year to respond to data needs in the field. Read more about our feature development services and partnerships.

Why KoboToolbox

Here are some of the reasons why organizations choose KoboToolbox:

  • KoboToolbox was created to be intuitive to use, so organizations can collect high quality data without devoting resources to technical training.
  • Our tools were built specifically for the unique needs of collecting data in challenging settings, such as humanitarian crises and conflict-affected countries.
  • KoboToolbox was designed for offline use and for inexpensive mobile devices—while still providing advanced functionalities for data management and visualization.
  • Our tools are free for social impact organizations to create an unlimited number of surveys and collect quality data.
  • Individual user and organization-level support, customization, and upgrades are available through subscriptions.
  • KoboToolbox was built to be compatible with the XLSForm standard and ODK XForms, making it easy to migrate between different platforms.
  • Our tools are multilingual and survey forms can be translated into hundreds of languages, making it easy to work with global teams.
  • Survey forms can be translated and used in hundreds of different languages.

Learn more about KoboToolbox features.