Request for Proposals

We are looking for outside Android developers to add new features to the ODK Collect application. Bids are due September 9, 2020. The objective of this project is to add native audio recording capabilities to the ODK Collect application. Specifically, this includes two features: 1) Enabling background recordings of entire (or partial) interviews; and 2) enabling audio recording for audio type questions to be created natively without the need of external applications.

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Core Developer Team Openings
(for remote contractors)

At this time, we are looking for:

  • A full-time, back-end developer. We are happy to consider developers with diverse professional experience, provided they are committed to mastering our back-end technologies and already familiar with Python as applied to web applications. Experience with Django or a similar back-end framework is a big plus.
  • A full-time, front-end developer. As above, we welcome your application even if you have not used all the specific technologies in our stack—so long as you have comparable experience and a strong resolve to get up to speed quickly and independently.

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