Our advisory body: The KoboToolbox Community Council

Kobo is guided by the KoboToolbox Community Council (KCC), a diverse group of practitioners from social impact organizations around the world.

The KoboToolbox Community Council provides support and insight to the Kobo team in areas such as:

  • Thought leadership on new features and enhancements to KoboToolbox based on operational field requirements, including improvements to data security.
  • Relationship building with user communities as well as potential partners and donors that may benefit the organization.
  • Coordination of and participation in joint initiatives to support training, education, documentation, and outreach.
  • Recommendations and guidance in fundraising activities and grant applications.

About KCC membership:

  • KCC membership is open to all organizations and professionals from the humanitarian-development nexus as well as other related social impact and research organizations, including the global public health and medical organizations that make up the majority of KoboToolbox users.
  • The KCC aims to be as diverse as possible by encouraging active membership from a wide range of stakeholders, users, and community representatives.
  • KCC members are selected through open elections. There are no membership fees.