Simple, Robust and Powerful Tools
For Data Collection

  • Created by users for users
  • Build, Collect, Analyze — Online or Offline
  • Easy Form Creation
  • Used in the most demanding contexts


Form Builder

  • Design forms quickly and easily using our intuitive form builder
  • Reuse existing questions and blocks of questions and manage them in the question library
  • Build complex forms with skip logic and validation
  • More than 20 different question types available including location, image, video, rating, matrix, etc.
  • Easily share projects with colleagues and set granular permission levels
  • Import and export XLSForms Import via URL or upload from your computer

Collect Data

  • Online and Offline
  • On phones, tablets or any browser Using KoboCollect on Android devices and Enketo on any modern browser
  • Synchronize data via SSL Ensures data can't be read by a third party
  • Strong safeguards against data loss Even on very long interviews
  • Data immediately available right after it's collected

Analyze and Manage Data

  • Create summary reports with graphs and tables and fine-tune your report's charts, colors and questions
  • Visualize collected data on a map includes a heatmap, clustering, other base layers, etc.
  • Disaggregate data in reports and mapsi.e. by gender, region or educational level
  • Export all your data at any time Supported formats: Excel, CSV, KML, ZIP (for media) and SPSS
  • Access your data through our robust API

Get Started

Get started with KoboToolbox now: it's free, and it takes under a minute. We have two publicly-available instances of KoboToolbox you can choose from:

Unlimited Use for
Humanitarian Organizations

Provided by UN OCHA
Unlimited Submissions
Unlimited Data Storage
Unlimited Projects

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Researchers, Aid Workers
& Everyone Else

Provided by Kobo, our own nonprofit
10,000 Submissions Per Month
5GB of Data Storage Per Month
Unlimited Projects

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For more information on the differences between the two servers and to help determine which one is right for you, please read our Which Server Should I Use? support article.

Advanced users can also install KoboToolbox on their own server (or on a local machine) using Docker. See our kobo-install repository on GitHub for details.

Open Source Development supported by

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About KoboToolbox

KoboToolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments. Our software is free and open source. Most of our users are people working in humanitarian crises, as well as aid professionals and researchers working in developing countries. Our teams of developers and researchers are based in Cambridge, MA and many other places around the world.

Quickly collecting reliable information in a humanitarian crisis – especially following a natural disaster such as a large earthquake or a typhoon – is the critical link to saving the lives of the most vulnerable. Understanding the population’s needs is often neglected for lack of quick means to gather and analyze this crucial information. KoboToolbox was created as a free and open-source toolkit for data collection and analysis in humanitarian emergencies and other challenging environments to address this urgent need. KoboToolbox is funded entirely through generous grants, partnerships with our partners, and private donations.

Our tools are translated into many languages using Transifex.


Our work is open-source. For more on our projects and to learn how you can contribute, visit our organization page on GitHub.

Our Team

Phuong Pham co-founder
Patrick Vinck co-founder
Tino Kreutzer chief operating & innovation officer
John Milner lead developer
Alex Dorey systems architect
Alexander Mtembenuzeni knowledge transfer specialist
Anji Tong developer
David Burke developer
Hadeel Tawfik user engagement specialist
Ignacio Giménez-Rebollo design lead
Jacqueline Morrissette developer
Joshua Beretta developer
Kalyan Lama user support lead
Leszek Pietrzak front-end lead
Mae-Lin DeLange communications associate
Olivier Leger back-end lead
Phil Edwards developer
Stephane Aloo support specialist

We test our products using BrowserStack.


For issues, questions, ideas, or to read anouncements on new releases, please head to our community forum at

To learn how to get started, read help articles, or watch tutorials, please head to our help page at

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